READ the experiences I narrate.

WATCH the stories I share.

THINK who says these things.

PARTICIPATE by starting a dialogue.

With these four words I ask you to participate and express your opinion.

I am Ioanna, I come from Athens and I call myself journalist. My drive are humans’ stories. My tools are either a camera or a pen and a pice of paper. My aim is nothing more than a social impact.

In this blog you will find all my published both written and visual.

If I could describe myself I would use two words, journeys and sea. Both words refer to memoeries, experiences, thoughts with no limits.This is how I picture my life and this is how I would like to describe journalism.

If you find interesting (or not) what you read, just leave your comments. For further information, visit the contact page or send me a message to my personal email address: iospanou@gmail.com .

So, let it begins . . .