READ the experiences I narrate.

WATCH the stories I share.

THINK who says these things.

PARTICIPATE by starting a dialogue.

With these four words I seek to encourage all of you to take part and react to what you read or watch.

My name is Ioanna Spanou, I come from Athens and I consider myself a journalist-storyteller. My aim with my work is to contribute, even with small steps, to the social development. In this blog you will find all my published work so far, both written and visual.

Those who know me would say that traveling and sharing people’s stories are my characteristics. My passion for visiting new places, getting to know different cultures and asking people about their lives consist the motivations to all my next steps.

If you find interesting or not what you read, please do not hesitate to leave your comments. For further information, visit the contact page or send me a message to my personal email address: iospanou@gmail.com . I would love to listen to your opinion and discuss any topic you would like to talk about.