This video was originally made for and published at Welkom Hier Website, powered by Justice and Peace. 

“We like telling stories and sharing our experiences with the others”. With this short phrase, Ab and Nader introduced themselves when I fisrt met them. Ab from The Netherlands and Nader from Palestine, met each other at the Linguistic center in Voorburg about a year ago. Ab helps refugees who live in the city to learn the language and Nader used to be one of the tudents. During the lessons they discovered that they have many things in common. Above all they enjoy talking about their life-experiences and coming up with new stories. I found it a great idea and given the theme of the Voorburgh-Leidschendam Welkom Hier Photoshooting “Let’s play a game”, I asked with great curiosity, if we can count life as a game too and according to their opinion, what is worth it in life losing or winning?

Watch and listen to their response:

This video has been made for the needs of Welkom Hier manifestation in Voorburg-Leidschendam, with the aim to promote a more tolerant and equal for all Dutch society. For more infirmation visit the official website.

Featured photo made by Daniella van Bergen