‘It does not matter the color, the religion or the origin, we are all humans’: A friendship between two teenage girls from Holland and Syria

This video was originally made for and published at Welkom Hier website, powered by Justice and Peace Netherlands.

Two teenage girls with great love for school.

When Sara was forced to leave Syria, she realised that everything can change from one moment to another. She had to leave her friends, her school, her life. Now, she has to start from zero and begin dreaming again. She is very optimistic and she believes in a better future. Her dream is to carry on her studies and return to a new reality, similar tot he one she used to have at her hometwon. When Pien listened to her story realised that everything we may have now is fluid and only family counts. For this, she wanted to meet Sara and become friends. She started by showing her around the school she is going to. She introduced her to the other students and soon she created a friendly environment for her new friend.

I asked them to share with the audience the meaning of several values and what life means to them.

This video has been made for Welkom Hier Leidschendam-Voorburg Manifestation needs with the aim to promote a more tolerant society where everyone can peacefuly live together. For more information please visit the official website.

The featured photo has been made by Daniella van Bergen.

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